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The thing about interior design trends is that they come and go. Does that mean you shouldn’t embrace them? Not at all – it’s always a good idea to redecorate your home every few years to ensure your interior doesn’t look dated. And if you happen to like the interior design trend of the moment, why not take the plunge? 
A major interior design trend this year is maximalism. It’s not for everyone – minimalist fans will surely run a mile. But if striking colours and bold patterns bring you joy, this décor style could transform your home into your happy place. 

What is maximalist interior design? 

Maximalism is the polar opposite of minimalism. Where minimalist interiors are simple and uncluttered with clean lines and a neutral colour scheme, maximalist interiors are bold, playful and even intentionally chaotic. 
The trend is all about excess and the ‘more is more’ mindset. Maximalism emulates richness, glamour and fun by combining colour, patterns, textures and layers. And although this interior style is trendy right now, it’s actually been around for a couple of centuries. In Victorian times, stately homes featured ornate wall coverings, embellished drapes, richly coloured fabrics and lush upholstery. 
So what does maximalism look like in interior design today, and what are the faux pas to avoid when incorporating this style into your home? 

Examples of the maximalist aesthetic in interiors 

The below left photo features a statement wallpaper in eyecatching colours - predominatly shades of teal with accents of pink and gold. The bright pink chairs tie the look together, as do the teal vases and drinking glasses on the table. Note how the sideboard, chair legs and light fixing are all black - the scheme wouldn't look as dramatic if these were in fact white. The pic on the right combines floral fabrics against a dark wall with gold and pink accessories. The rug is a clever choice as it's coloured rim draws the eye to the dark floor and helps ground the overall look. 
*Little Greene wallpaper - Brodsworth Empress (London Wallpapers V). 
*Clarke & Clarke - Oasis Langley La Habana Black. 
The maximalist look is easier to achieve if you choose a striking wallpaper, like these below. Imagine the one on the left being paired with blue/grey velvet curtains and cushions, and gold metallic furniture. And the other is perfect for an exotic jungle-themed room. See how someone has used this paper to create a stunning bathroom with dark blue wall tiles and Iznik-style burnt orange floor tiles. 
*Clarke & Clarke - Extinct Blue by Emma J Shipley. 
*Clarke & Clarke - Amazon Blue by Emma J Shipley. 

Mistakes to avoid in maximalism interior design 

Maximalist interiors shouldn’t look over-cluttered or excessively busy. It’s not about throwing all your favourite items, colours, fabrics etc., together in one room and hoping for the best. Instead, take an organised and considered approach to pull this look off. Here’s what not to do: 
Don’t focus on just one colour – but be strategic with the colours you use and tie them together to blend the effect. For example, if you have red cushions, pair them with red wall art and red lampshades. 
Don’t forget about overall flow – maximalism means you can be incredibly creative, but ensure all rooms have some connection. Having one room that screams yellow and the next green isn’t cohesive without something linking the interiors together. Consider using variations of colours to create a smooth progression from room to room. 
Don’t mix too many styles – going art deco in the living room and shabby chic in the bedroom will look disjointed. A good tip for creating a harmonious feel is to have a unifying pattern in each room. 
Don’t overstuff with accessories – ‘more is more’ but at the same time, select your accessories (and the quantities of them) carefully. Too many little decorative items on display can look cluttered. E.g., instead of having candles on every available surface, display them in groups – this draws the eye to them and makes them a nice feature to look at. 

Shape your space with maximalism interior design 

Is the beauty of (organised) chaos for you? If so, the next step is to plan out your room design with paint colours, wallpapers, fabrics and accessories. Why not create a mood board on Pinterest to capture colours, textures and patterns that inspire you? 
Our friendly team is also available to help with advice on choosing colour schemes and wallpapers. We can mix some 30,000 paint colours and also offer hundreds of striking wallpapers from renowned brands like Little Greene, Clarke & Clarke and Today Interiors! Talk to us today or pop into our Wetherby store. 
*Top banner image - Clarke & Clarke 'Monkey Business' wallpaper (Colony collection).  
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