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Kitchen cabinets painted in Benjamin Moore Advance High Gloss
The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the home. Whether you're prepping and cooking food, unpacking the shopping, washing up or simply making a cuppa, the kitchen is where you'll do it. As a central hub, the kitchen gets a lot of traffic, so it's important to select a paint that'll stand up well to cooking fumes, finger marks, buffs and scrapes. We know just the paints for the job!  

Benjamin Moore paints UK 

Benjamin Moore is a leading paint manufacturer in North America. Founded in 1883, Benjamin Moore paints have developed a reputation for beng innovative, superior quality and unrivalled in terms of colour. There are around 3,500 paint shades to choose from in most Benjamin Moore paint finishes. If you're wondering, "can you get Benjamin Moore paint in the UK?", the good news is, yes you can! 
We introduced Benjamin Moore paints to our shelves towards the end of 2020 and they've been popular since launch, thanks to their unique performance properties and the extraordinary colours available. We've had some great feedback already, especially from professional decorators who are using this brand with confidence in customers' homes (check out our Twitter feed to see what people are saying). 

The best Benjamin Moore paint for kitchens 

There are a few Benjamin Moore paints that we'd recommend for kitchens, depending on whether you want to paint walls and ceilings, or kitchen cupboards. We think you won't go wrong with the following: 

Benjamin Moore Aura 

For kitchen walls and ceilings, check out 'Aura' in either an Eggshell or Matte finish. Aura is a foolproof solution for when you need outstanding durability but you also want remarkable colour too. Alongside the regular Benjamin Moore colours, a special palette of 240 paint shades is exclusively offered in the Aura Interior range (called Aura Colour Stories), and you can't get these in any other finish. All the colours from the Aura Colour Stories palette have been designed to make the most of the light in a room, highlighting subtle undertones and colour characteristics. 
Both the Aura Eggshell and Matte finishes are a paint and primer in one, which means you can save money by not having to buy a separate primer. They each feature Benjamin Moore's Colour Lock technology, which ensures no colour rub-off when you're wiping surfaces. And they're both mildew resistant (perfect for rooms prone to moisture, like the kitchen).  
Both finishes also contain minimal VOCs, making them an environmentally-sound choice if you're striving for a 'greener' home. The only difference between them is the reflective sheen level. Eggshell has a 12-20% sheen, while Matte has a 3-10% sheen. Ready to see Aura in action? Take a look at these pics below. The bright, vibrant kitchen on the left features Aura Eggshell on the walls. The one on the right features Aura Matte. See the image captions for specific finishes. 
Kitchen walls painted in Benjamin Moore Aura Eggshell
*Benjamin Moore Aura Interior Eggshell paints. Back kitchen wall: Tomato Tango CSP-1145. Right wall: Harbor Gray. 
Kitchen walls painted in Benjamin Moore Interior Aura Matte
*Benjamin Moore paints UK. Wall: Stonington Gray HC-170, Aura Interior Matte. Wainscoting: Sparrow AF-720, Advance, Satin. Ceiling: Stonington Gray HC-170, Waterborne Ceiling Paint, Ultra Flat. Cabinets: Iron Mountain 2134-30, Advance, Satin. 

Benjamin Moore Regal Select 

Until Benjamin Moore launched its Aura range, Regal Select was their go-to paint for durability and washability. With its smooth application and mildew resistant, highly washable coating, it's certainly still a top quality paint for walls and ceilings. We stock only the Regal Select Flat finish here at The Decorating Centre, simply because this is the finish that most of our customers prefer. It has an incredibly low sheen level of just 1.5-3.5% and is popular for ceilings in particular. 
Like Aura, Regal Select Flat is a paint and primer in one. The main difference between Regal Select and Aura is that while both are available in all 3,500 Benjamin Moore colours, only the Aura Interior range offers the sought-after Aura Colour Stories palette. Both ceilings in these kitchen pics below have been painted in Regal Select Flat. 
Kitchen painted in Benjamin Moore paints UK. Ceiling painted in Regal Select Flat.
*Benjamin Moore paints UK. Cabinets: Antique Jade 465, Advance, Semi-Gloss. Ceiling: Seahorse 2028-70, Regal Select, Flat. 
Benjamin Moore UK paints used in kitchen with Regal Select Flat on the ceiling.
*Benjamin Moore paints UK. Wall: Distant Gray OC-68, Regal® Select, Pearl. Ceiling: Constellation AF-540, Regal® Select, Flat. Lower cabinets: Gray Cloud 2126-60, Regal® Select, Pearl. 

Benjamin Moore Stix Primer and Advance Satin or Advance High Gloss 

This Benjamin Moore paint combination is best suited for painting kitchen units. Insl-x Stix is a water-based bonding primer/sealer that offers unequalled adhesion to all sorts of challenging surfaces, such as vinyl, PVC, plastic, glass, tile and more. And it can be used on regular wood and plaster surfaces too. So no matter what type of kitchen units you want to refurbish, whether they're timber or laminated MDF, this primer works as the perfect preparatory coating, helping your top coat to adhere properly to your cupboards so the finish will last longer. Stix is available in white only - but that matters not if you pair it with a top coat like Benjamin Moore's Advance Satin or High Gloss, which both offer outstanding coverage and hide. 
Advance is just like a traditional solvent-based paint in terms of easy application and high performance. However, it contains a water-based alkyd resin formula which keeps VOCs low. This is a furniture grade paint - it has superb levelling properties and cures to a hard, furniture-quality finish. It can be used on your kitchen cupboards, plus door frames and skirting, and external woodwork too. Advance Satin has a 25-35% sheen level while Advance High Gloss has an 85% sheen - both are ideal for a modern, high-end finish.  
Advance is available in the full spectrum of Benjamin Moore colours. In the below left pic, Advance Satin is used for both the kitchen cabinets and the island. In the below right pic, the cabinets have been painted in Advance High Gloss. 
Benjamin Moore's Advance Satin Gloss used to paint kitchen cabinets.
*Benjamin Moore paints UK. Walls: Paper White OC-55 Regal® Select, Eggshell. Crown molding: White Heron OC-57 Regal® Select, Semi-Gloss. Ceiling: White Heron OC-57, Waterborne Ceiling Paint, Ultra Flat. Cabinets: Gray Owl OC-52, ADVANCE®, Satin. Island: Caribbean Blue Water 2055-30 ADVANCE®, Satin. Door: Marblehead Gold HC-11, Aura® Grand Entrance®, High Gloss. 

Buy Benjamin Moore paint online 

Kitchen cupboards painted in Benjamin Moore's Advance High Gloss.
*Benjamin Moore paints UK. Wall: Province Blue 2135-40, Aura Bath and Spa, Matte. Ceiling: Baby's Breath OC-62, Waterborne Ceiling Paint, Ultra Flat. Cabinetry & raised panelling: Province Blue 2135-40, Advance, High-Gloss. 
We've highlighted our top paint choices for decorating the kitchen: the heart of the home where all the hustle and bustle happens. All the paints mentioned in this blog are available to order via our website, or at our retail store in Wetherby. If you have any questions about these Benjamin Moore paints, or any other finish referenced in the image captions, give us a call and we'll be happy to assist. 
In the meantime, why not use our Benjamin Moore colour picker tool to help you narrow down your colour preferences? Finally, if you enjoyed this post, please take a moment to share it online with your social media followers. 
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