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Using top-quality ceiling paint (and the right tools) simplifies the somewhat tricky job of painting ceilings, helping you cut down on painting time and achieve the best possible finish. We’re really pleased to say we’ve just introduced a new ceiling paint to our offering – Teknos Teknoceiling 02 – which performs brilliantly. Here’s what you need to know about it. 

Teknos Teknoceiling 02 

Teknoceiling 02 is a very low-sheen acrylic ceiling paint from global coatings company, Teknos. Its flat finish is designed to cover flaws and defects to make them less visible. It’s not sensitive to light either, meaning you won’t see much shadowing. So if you’ve had to fill cracks and make repairs to your ceiling or have a large ceiling area that’s light-sensitive (i.e. being dark at one end and light near windows or patio doors), this is the paint to use. 
The application on Teknoceiling is just fantastic – it glides on with a roller and is so easy to use. When paint flows nicely, this means a smoother finish. And that’s what you want on ceilings, especially if you have defects. 
Of course, to cut down on painting time, you’ll want to finish the job in as few coats as possible. ‘Regular’ ceiling paints – those you’ll find in large home improvement retailers – often require more than two coats of paint to cover a ceiling properly (more like three or even four coats). Not the case with Teknoceiling! As long as your ceiling is primed, this paint covers superbly in one coat and flawlessly in two. Furthermore, Teknoceiling 02 is re-coatable after just one hour (at a temperature of +23°C). 

What do professional decorators think of Teknos Teknoceiling 02? 

Since we introduced TeknoCeiling paint into The Decorating Centre at the end of July, it’s proved immensely popular with our trade customers thanks to its opacity and ease of use. Here’s what one of them had to say: 
"The coverage is great, and it’s really smooth to apply. When you look down a long ceiling, you’ll see a nice flat finish – you don’t get any flashing through of the edges. The price bracket is great. I used to use Macpherson's Eclipse for around the same price, but Teknos goes on nicer and covers better." 
Paul Waterhouse, Decorator 
And here are some online reviews from further afield: 
Bardall Decorating Services did a video review on Teknos Teknoceiling 02 – here’s an extract: “I really like it, it’s really good gear. The opacity is fantastic, it covers really well and is really nice to apply. It’s very much like Tikkurila Anti Reflex in the overall look of it, but I’d say it edges Tikkurila Anti Reflex with opacity.” 
In another video review, Daniel Nugent Painter and Decorator compared Teknoceiling 02 to Tikkurila Anti Reflex 2. He said two coats of the Teknos provided an absolutely flawless finish and put it on a par with the Tikkurila. “You can’t go back. Once you have one of these [paints], you’ll always have these for your ceilings.” 

Is Teknoceiling 02 good value for money? 

Teknoceiling 02 (9 L) is available from The Decorating Centre for £42.38 including VAT. 10 L of Tikkurila Anti Reflex is a bit more expensive and some decorators say that the opacity of this paint lets it down, plus it can be difficult to get hold of. Considering that, we feel Teknoceiling 02 presents better value out of these two products. 
Other decent ceiling paints include WRX (around £50 RRP for just 5 L), Johnstone’s Perfect Matt (about £143 RRP for 10 L) and Benjamin Moore Waterborne Ceiling Paint (at £61 RRP for 3.78 L – note that this paint is available in some 3,500 colours). 
All in all, if you’re looking for a straightforward, top-quality ceiling paint that provides a fantastic finish on challenging ceilings, is quick and easy to apply, and covers in just two coats, Teknoceiling 02 is our go-to choice. Order it online below (trade customers should create an account or log in to get their discount). Don’t forget: we offer FREE local delivery to Wetherby and surrounding villages! 
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