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We have an exciting new addition to our Benjamin Moore range – ben® Interior Matte! This premium paint makes achieving a perfect finish effortless. It’s easy to apply, with smooth application and built-in scuff resistance for ultra-low maintenance. 

ben® Interior Matte 

If you’re already a fan of Benjamin Moore, you might be thinking, “What’s so good about ben® Interior, and is it better than Ultra Spec SCUFF-X?” After all, SCUFF-X is the crème de la crème when it comes to durable paints. 
Honestly, when it comes to scuff resistance in high-traffic settings, there’s no better paint than SCUFF-X, in our opinion. For many of our trade customers, SCUFF-X is their go-to choice for woodwork (it can also be used on walls and ceilings too). That said, ben® Interior is also highly durable and offers the following benefits: 
Extended open time – ben® stays liquid and pliable for longer than many other paints, meaning you’ll have longer to make touch-ups over an existing coat without seeing wet edges. 
Excellent hide – ben® covers brilliantly, meaning fewer coats are needed, even when painting over dark colours. 
Low odour and minimal VOCs – there are virtually no nasty toxins in ben®, so you can paint with confidence, knowing it’s better for the environment and safe for you and other family members to use. 
Affordable price point – a 3.78L tin retails at just £59.00 (around 45% cheaper than Benjamin Moore SCUFF-X and 41% cheaper than Aura). So it’s a great option for walls and ceilings where you’ll need a fair amount of paint. 

What professional decorators think about ben® Interior 

“ben® is a huge time saver. The higher hide and better coverage allow you to get a job done quicker and more efficiently.”  
Jason Rogers, WOW 1 Day Painting 
“When you do touch-ups, you don’t see those touch-ups – it’s a good blending."  
Carlos Garcia, Coating On Demand 
“It goes on nicely, smooth application. Doesn’t seem to gum up or pull off and go back on the roller.”  
Karen Tompkins, KT’s Painting  
Watch this full review of ben® Interior below: 

ben® Interior – a premium paint at an affordable price 

ben® Interior is the thriftiest option from our Benjamin Moore range and is formulated to provide an easy painting experience, making it suitable for regular folk doing up their homes as well as professional decorators. It's particularly good if you're not the fastest of painters as you'll have plenty of time to work with the paint, doing touch ups before it fully dries. It's very forgiving as you apply it back and forth, and self levels to avoid brush marks. 
You can order ben® online below – always buy a tester pot first to check you're happy with the colour. Trade customer? Log into your account to receive your discount. Don’t forget: we offer FREE local delivery to Wetherby and surrounding villages! 
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