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Does your outdoor space need a refresh after the long, cold winter? Spring is the ideal time of year to spruce up the garden shed, fence, patio furniture and even the exterior walls of your home. This post takes a close look at what you can achieve with Little Greene's excellent range of exterior paints. Prepare to be dazzled! 

Little Greene paint for masonry 

Let's look at exterior walls first, and masonry in particular. A decade or so ago, there was a limit to the scope of masonry paint colours. Nowadays, thankfully, that's not the case. Luxury paint brands like Little Greene (and Benjamin Moore) have recognised that home owners want and expect much more when decorating external walls. You can now be as adventurous and creative as you like in your colour preference. 
In the below left picture, the wall features Little Greene's 'Air Force Blue 260', a shade that's neither loud or cold, but deep and rich. It looks glorious set against that natural, leafy backdrop. The bottom right picture showcases 'Mid Azure Green 96', a striking deep teal. The paint used here is Little Greene's Intelligent Exterior Masonry Paint, an environmentally-friendly, dirt-resistant and extremely durable paint that's guaranteed to last at least fifteen years before repainting is needed.  
If you're painting lime render or porous stone walls, we recommend you use Little Greene's Limewash. This is a traditional, breathable finish that penetrates the surface of old (or damp) walls. 

Little Greene paint for exterior woodwork and metal 

Painting exterior doors is a great way to add a pop of colour to your outdoor space. In the below left image, those impressive doors have been painted in 'Mister David 47', a warm, sunny, timeless yellow that works brilliantly for both traditional and modern properties. And in the bottom right image, the doors feature 'Ceviche 230' a pale grey, bordered by the colour 'Serpentine 233', a stone grey. Little Greene offer several paint finishes for exterior woodwork and metal. 
One is Tom's Oil Eggshell, a traditional opaque wood finish that provides a beautiful sheen. Another is Intelligent Gloss, which is suitable for exterior and interior use. That one is water-based, environmentally-friendly, fully washable and ideal if you're looking lots of shine. And then there's Traditional Oil Gloss, which contains naturally-occuring vegetable oils, is very practical and hard-wearing, and reflects a lot of light to give an elegant finish. 
Have shed envy no more by giving yours the Little Greene treatment! This beautiful shed pictured on the left below uses 'Juniper Ash 115', a gorgeous muted blue with just a touch of red, giving it a bit of warmth. Note the smart-looking bench; that's painted in 'Atomic Red 190' and picks up the hint of red in 'Junior Ash'. Little Greene's Intelligent Exterior Eggshell paint is a great choice for metalwork and it can also be used on woodwork too. Moving on to the stunning birdhouse, pictured bottom right. Little Greene prides itself on bringing colours from the past back to life, and this is a fine example. 'Tabernacle 308' is a perfectly soft green that was expertly matched by Little Greene to the exact colour of a small wooden pavilion found in Sir Winston Churchill's garden. 
This quaint caravan summerhouse, bottom left, features 'Acorn - Mid 294'. A fresh, very pale green that makes a great alternative to white. The doors, windows and trim have been painted in 'Windmill Lane 296', an exquisite, muted green that really sets the caravan off. Finally, the below right image features 'Wood Ash 229' on the wall, 'Lead Colour 117' on the shutter and 'Drummond 16' and 'Deep Space Blue 207' on the neat little dog kennel.  
For all exterior surfaces that you're planning to paint, we'd recommend using Little Greene's Intelligent All-Surface-Primer (ASP). It's quick-drying, making it ideal when you need to get your outdoor project painted over a weekend or even in one day.  
It really is possible to completely transform and brighten up your outdoor space, with just a few coats of paint on your garden furniture, exterior doors and trims, or the walls of your home. We hope this post has inspired you!  
For more details about our Little Greene paints, please get in touch, or browse the full range here. 
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