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A little while ago, we launched a new product line into our store – eicó paints from Scandinavia. This is a unique “carbon-positive” paint range which takes the term “eco-friendly” to another level! 
Take a look at these compelling reasons why you should consider using eicó paints below. 
1. They’re environmentally-friendly 
Not only do eicó paints boast one of the lowest VOC ratings of any paints sold in the UK, but their whole manufacturing and production process is also good for the environment too. eicó paints are manufactured in Scandinavia, using 100% geothermal and hydropower energy. 
2. eicó uses high-quality paint formulas 
eicó paints won’t blister, crack or peel – and they retain colour very well - because they are made using 100% pure acrylic. Many competitor products compromise on the amount of acrylic in their paints because of the high costs associated with producing such a high-quality formula. eicó’s unique manufacturing process means they can produce their paints cost-effectively. 
3. These paints are better for your health 
Because eicó paints are non-toxic with very low VOCs, they have virtually no odour, so they can be used with confidence in children’s bedrooms and play areas. They are also APEO free, which means they are the perfect choice for people who suffer from asthma or allergies and in schools or hospitals too. 
eicó Helmatt, in particular, contains hardly any VOCs, making it a remarkable environmentally friendly decorating product. 
4. They’re durable and versatile 
Eicó paints are designed to last. They are incredibly durable and even washable – they can be washed up to 2000 times! What’s more, some finishes can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces, making eicó one of the most versatile paint suppliers in the UK today. 
5. You’ll get good value for money with eicó paints 
eicó provide high quality, environmentally friendly paints at reasonable prices, thanks to their efficient manufacturing process in Iceland and Sweden. 
6. There are plenty of paint colours to choose from 
eicó offers 168 co-ordinated colours, which are available in every finish that they do. There is also a 20,000 colour archive available, and if by chance you can’t find the exact colour that you need in the eicó range, we can colour match for you. 
If you’re looking for a top-quality yet environmentally friendly paint, eicó certainly ticks all the right boxes. They are one of the most ecologically and ethically sound paint manufacturers around at the moment, and their decorating products are exceptional. 
To find out more about eicó paints and to browse colour samples and finishes, pop into our Wetherby store, or contact us for more details on 01937 580980
Buy eicó paints from our online paint shop - click here. 
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