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Spring is finally here, bringing with it the dawn chorus as birds begin to build their nests. The days are longer, colourful flowers are popping up everywhere, tree buds are bursting into leaf, and you may have even spotted a few early butterflies and bees. After the cold, dark winter, these signs of spring are nothing short of heavenly! This season is all about rebirth and renewal, so if your home needs a refresh, there’s no better time to do it than now! For inspiration on how to make your home bloom, check out these spring decorating ideas below... 

1. Repaint with pretty pastels 

Pastel colours always give a subtle nod to spring, yet they look good all year round. Consider painting walls in shades such as delicate pink, pale blue, lemon, lilac, apple and mint. For inspiration, check out Little Greene’s Dorchester Pink and Hidey Hole in the pics below. 
If you don’t want to paint an entire room in pastels, you might consider updating some soft furnishings instead. Use pastel-coloured cushions, lampshades, curtains and picture frames to evoke a sense of spring (if your current colour scheme allows). 
*Little Greene – Dorchester Pink colour family. 
*Little Greene – Hidey Hole (307). 

2. Create light and airy spaces 

Decorating with white instantly brightens up your décor and sets a pure and fresh tone. It also acts as a blank (not bland!) canvas giving you the freedom to experiment with a range of styles and accent colours, whether you’re aiming for a Scandi, boho, coastal or creative look. Featured below is bestselling colour Chantilly Lace and the slightly off-white Cloud White from Benjamin Moore. 
Another way to create light and airy spaces is to do a deep clean and get rid of clutter – spring is an excellent time of year to do this; it’s tradition! This practice can do wonders to help you emphasise natural light, open up rooms and feel like you’re starting afresh for the year ahead.. 
*Benjamin Moore – Chantilly Lace (2121-70). 
*Benjamin Moore – Cloud White (967) (walls, ceiling, cabinets). Gull Wing Gray 2134-50 (recess). 

3. Bring the outside in 

Add a touch of nature and life to your home by introducing a little greenery. Green is a refreshing and calming colour, while houseplants offer several psychological benefits, like improved mood and reduced stress levels. Plants also provide health benefits by removing VOCs (to a certain extent) from chemicals in the home. 

4. Natural textures 

Textures are a big trend this year, particularly those inspired by nature. Bringing materials like bamboo, rattan, jute, stone, and linen into your home helps create beautiful texture and adds interest to your space. And it builds on the concept of bringing nature indoors. 

5. Floral patterns 

Nothing quite announces the arrival of spring than flowers. You can’t go wrong with adding floral or botanical patterns and prints to your interior décor to inject new life. This could be as simple as swapping out bedding or other soft furnishings or creating a flower display in certain rooms. If you want to really make an impact on your décor, consider a wallpaper, like Asterid (Lantern) and Sakura (Yellow Lustre) below, both from Little Greene. 
*Little Greene – Asterid (Lantern), Archive Trails II Collection. 
*Little Greene – Sakura (Yellow Lustre), Archive Trails Collection. 

Get more decorating inspiration 

If you’re local to our Wetherby store, pop in to browse our extensive wallpaper library. You’ll see samples of papers from Little Greene, Clarke & Clare, Casadeco, Today Interiors, Galerie, etc. Also, check out the rest of our blog to explore interior trends, beautiful colour schemes, decorating tips and our bestselling products. Sign up for our e-newsletter via the box below to never miss a new post. 
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