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 The Wallguard System is the UK's premier passive fire protection system, and it offers a wide range of benefits. It's a two-part system, combining a very high-quality glass fabric wall covering with a specialist paint coating.


The first part of the system is Systexx, a fire-resistant glass fabric for walls and ceilings. It meets the most stringent fire ratings to both the British standard Class 0 to BS 476 part 6 and 7 and Euroclass B s1-d0 to BS EN 13501-1.

Systexx continues to protect, delivering surface reinforcement and impact resistance to give an extremely hard-wearing finish, ideal for high traffic areas. In addition, Systexx covers imperfections and flaws in walls and ceilings, helping to aesthetically enhance interiors.

The adhesive is already applied to the Systexx - simply moisten and apply. This makes Systexx an incredibly quick and easy to use wall covering. It removes the need for an entire work-step, reducing potential labour time by up to 40%!

Opti Coatings

Wallguard Systems provides a complete solution when finished with the Opti Coatings paint range, which is available in a large selection of colours and sheens.

The Opti paint range is a high performance, scrubbable, water-based emulsion. It’s anti-bacterial, non-toxic, food safe and suitable for allergy sufferers, whilst still maintaining DIN 13823 B-s1 d0 spread of flame.

Systexx + Opti paints = perfect fire-retardant walls every time

Are you ready to benefit from the very latest fire protection technology? To find out more about Wallguard Systems, please contact us.