Other Products


Granglaze is a very hard-wearing decorative finish for all kinds of hardwood and softwood surfaces (including cork). It’s commonly used as a finish in both domestic and commercial settings. 

Available in a satin or gloss finish, Granglaze helps to enhance the natural colour and beauty of the wooden surface on which it's being used. This finish also offers excellent protection against spills from common household chemicals and cleaners. 


Thermoguard is a range of specialist fire protection coatings, paints and varnishes. They are designed to help control or resist the spread of fire in buildings and have been safety tested to meet exacting standards. 

We carry the full range in store, including Thermoguard Fire Varnish Basecoat and Overcoat, Flame Retardant Oil-Based Eggshell and Gloss, Thermocoat W, Timbercoat and Wallcoat. 

If you’re not sure which of the Thermoguard coatings is right for your project, please ask us for advice. 


Zinsser is renowned for their high performance problem-solving decorative products, such as their Cover Stain, Zinsser B-I-N® and Bulls Eye® 1-2-3 paints. They appeal to professional decorators and DIYers. 


We stock many more decorating products in store. Being an independent supplier, we’re able to access most brands, so if there’s a specific product you’re searching for, please ask us.