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About eicó 

eicó is a comprehensive range of environmentally friendly paints that are manufactured in Iceland and Sweden, using 100% geothermal or hydropower energy. Not only do their paints have one of the lowest VOC ratings of any paint sold in the UK, their production process is carbon positive too!

eicó paints retain their colour brilliantly, and they don't crack or peel. There is an extensive palette of 168 beautiful colours and six different finishes to choose from – Helmatt, Alterior Matt, Flat Eggshell, Eggshell, Satin and Gloss. Each paint type has very little odour, making them ideal for allergy sufferers, or for use in children’s bedrooms or playrooms.

eicó paints are not widely available in the UK, so we’re proud to be a stockist! We supply their range in full, both online and in store. Take a look below for details:

eicó Helmatt

This is a matt water-based paint for interiors that is both durable and washable, and it's high-quality formula offers excellent coverage. Helmatt can boast one of the lowest VOC contents currently available in the UK at 0.1%, making this an exceptional eco-friendly decorative product with virtually no odour.

eicó Helmatt is ideal for internal walls, ceilings and primed structural steel. It will adhere to concrete, masonry, rendered plaster, cement, plasterboard, glass fibre, lining paper and primed woodwork.

eicó Alterior Matt

A wonderfully versatile matt paint for both interiors and exteriors. It's water-based, very tough and washable. Because of its low dirt pick-up and excellent weathering properties, we recommend this paint for masonry surfaces, although it works well on a range of substrates including concrete, rendered plaster, plasterboard, primed woodwork, glass fibre and more. eicó Alterior Matt has an extremely low VOC rating (<0.74%). It has very little odour and is APEO free.

eicó Flat Eggshell

This is a superior finishing paint for woodwork, metals and walls. It dries to a non-yellowing, modern semi-matt finish. Typically, eggshell paints tend to have high VOCs; eicó's eggshell, however, is rated low at <5.5%.

eicó Alterior Eggshell, Alterior Satin and Alterior Gloss finishes

This is a waterborne paint made from 100% acrylics, which is available in eggshell, satin and gloss finishes. Each type can be used internally and externally on walls, ceilings, roof tiles, woodwork, rendered plaster and more. It is low odour and APEO free.

eicó Alterior Floor Paint

As well as carrying the main range listed above on our shelves, we also stock eicó Alterior Floor Paint too. Its unique formula is made from 100% acrylics and can be used internally and externally on wooden and concrete screed floors. This satin finish floor paint adheres very well, even to aged alkyd paints. It’s easy to apply and has a high opacity. Please ask us for details about appropriate primers for this product before purchasing.

Before ordering any of our eicó paints online, please contact us first to request a free paint colour chart. This will ensure you receive an accurate colour match.