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Earthborn's breathable paints are naturally beautiful. They are made using clay or chalk-based ingredients and contain no oils or acrylics, meaning that they won't give off any nasty emissions.
Earthborn uses carefully selected ingredients and technologically advanced manufacturing processes to create outstanding paint products that won’t compromise the environment or our health. Each of their distinctive paints is available in a range of gorgeous colours and a variety of finishes.
At the moment, we’re stocking Earthborn’s Claypaint and Eco Chic range in store. However, we can order in any of their other paints on request to arrive within a few days (subject to a £8 charge).

Claypaint is Earthborn’s most breathable paint. Made from a unique clay recipe, this is an emulsion with a luxurious, ultra matt finish, ideal for interior walls and ceilings. Its unique formula minimises condensation and deters mildew, so it's suitable for use in areas that are usually subject to moisture, such as kitchens and bathrooms.
Because of Claypaint’s breathable properties, it's also a great option to use for lime plaster or in older homes that may have suffered from damp at some point or another.
Claypaint is incredibly easy to apply, and it has a thick consistency, meaning that fewer coats are needed compared to conventional emulsions. The icing on the cake with this product is, of course, its lack of odour and toxic emissions!

Eco Chic
Eco Chic is an exciting clay-based paint that’s perfect for furniture transformations. It’s water-based, quick drying and virtually VOC free. What's more, Eco Chic offers excellent covering power, and there are 72 lovely colours to choose from in this paint range.